Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exciting News!

I was feeling a little down yesterday. I was laid off in January and the job market is getting worse and worse. Ocassionally it gets the best of me. : (

Around 6:00 last night I decided to check my email, and received some news that cheered my right back up!!

Several months ago I came across an article by Harley Brown in the International Artists Magazine. I love his articles. He is, to say the least, amazing and his articles are always interesting and informative. So he had a contest to draw his last photo, of a lighthouse.

I took the challenge and sent in my drawing, and I actually won! The editor of International Artist Magazine wrote me a nice little email informing me that I won and said of the hundreds of entries from all over the world mine stood out. How nice is that to hear?

I will receive the original photo signed by the master himself, Harley Brown, as well as having my drawing published in the next August/September, # 68 issue of International Artists Magazine.

Here is Harley's photo-

And here is my drawing - I used graphite powder on this one. I'm in the process of doing another drawing with the graphite powder. The more I use it the more I like it, and the more comfortable I get with it. It has a different- "looser" look.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Playing with Color Again!

I am going through a weird little faze right now! Being a graphic designer, I always associate a piece of art with coordinating patterns. When working as a designer we always took a main image and added coordinating patterns to make a group.

I often think that way when I am drawing. After completing a drawing I almost always start picturing patterns that would work with the art. I often think about drawing a pattern to coordinate with my main image. I started playing with this idea this week. I have a couple done already because I'm working fairly small right now. I also decided to add a touch of color. I'm doing washes of watercolor. I will post another very soon. What do you think? Good or bad, I would love to get some feedback.

I'm also trying to figure out why my blog is not updating correctly on other's blogs. I'll keep trying, and thanks to those who have been trying to help me with the problem.